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Jafar Bin Abu Talib speaks in defence, in the court of Negus

O king, we were plunged in the depth of ignorance and barbarism; we adored idols; we lived in unchastity; we ate dead bodies, and we spoke abominations. We disregarded every feeling of humanity, and the duties of hospitality and neighbourhood. We knew no law but that of the strong, when God raised among us a man, of whose birth, truthfulness, honesty and purity we were aware, and he called us to the Unity of God and taught us not to associate anything with Him. He forbade us the worship of idols; and enjoined us to speak the truth, to be faithful to our trusts, to be merciful, and to regard the rights of neighbours; he forbade us to speak evil of women, or to eat the substance of orphans. He ordered us to flee from vices, and to abstain from evil; to offer prayers, to render alms, to observe the fast. We have believed in him; we have accepted his teachings and injunctions to worship God, and not to associate anything with Him.

For this reason, our people have risen against us and persecuted us in order to make us forego the worship of God and return to the worship of idols of wood and stone and other abominations. They have tortured us and injured us, until finding no safety among them, we have come to thy country, and hope thou wilt protect us from their oppression.

Source: The Spirit of Islam, by Syed Ameer Ali

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"And when We make life pleasant unto man, he turneth away and is averse; and when ill toucheth him he is in despair."

[Bani Israel - 17:83]