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Pakistan: Basic Facts and Statistics

Fact / StatisticValueComparative Notes
RegionSouth AsiaOther countries include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Income Group ClassificationLow IncomeOther countries incude: Bangladesh, India, Afghanistan, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other poor countries
Population1169,270,6176th largest country in the world. In comparitive terms (2005 figures), it's twice as Turkey, 2.3 times of Iran, 2.5 times that of France, 4.8 times Canada, 6 times of Malaysia, 7.6 times of Australia, 17 times of Sweden and 22.5 time of Israel. And 7 times less than India
Surface Area (sq. km)796.1 thousandAbout the same area as Turkey, 1.44 times that of France, 2.23 times Germany, 2.41 times Malaysia, 3.27 times UK, 5.53 times Bangladesh and about 36 times Israel. Further, Iran and India are twice and 4 times Pakistan respectively
Forest Area (sq. km)19,020Egypt:590, Bangladesh: 8,710, Turkey:100,500, Malaysia:215,900, India:677,000
Agricultural Land
(% land area)
35Bangladesh: 69.8, India:60.8, South Asia:54.8
Energy Use (kg of oil equivalent per capita)463.1Bangladesh: 145.1, India:508.8, South Asia:464.2
Energy Imports
(% of energy use)
26.3Bangladesh: 19, India:19, South Asia:20
Electric Power Consumption
(kWh per capita)
373.5Bangladesh: 103.6, India:399.6, South Asia:360.1
Population Growth2.4Bangladesh: 1.9, India:1.4, South Asia: 1.6
Life Expectancy64.9 yearsBangladesh: 63.5, India:63.5, South Asia: 63.4
Infant Mortality Rate
(per 1000)
80.2Bangladesh: 56.4, India:61.6, South Asia: 66.4. Pakistan ranks very poorly on this statistic. It's even worse than Namibia, Togo, Sudan, Senegal, East Timor, Algeria, Vietnam.
Literacy Rate (Adult)49.9Bangladesh: N/A, India:61, South Asia: 59.5
Gross National Income (GNI)$107.3 billionBangladesh: $66.2 billion, India:793.0 billion
GNI per capita$690Bangladesh: $470, India:$720. Pakistan is ranked 161th in the world and India, 159th. Bhutan, Congo, Djibouti, Angola, Algeria, Iran, Namibia, rank higher than Pakistan and India
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)$110.7 billionBangladesh: $60 billion, India:$785.5 billion
Agriculture Value Added (% of GDP)21.6Bangladesh:20.5, India:18.6
Industry Value Added25.1Bangladesh: 28, India:27.6
Services Value Added53.3Bangladesh: 51.5, India:53.8
Exports of Goods and services (% of GDP)15.3Bangladesh: 16.1, India:19 (year 2004)
Imports of Goods and services (% of GDP)19.9Bangladesh: 22.6, India:21(year 2004)
Time Required to Start a Business in days
(year 2007)
24Bangladesh: 37, India:35
World Ranking in Ease of Doing Business74Bangladesh: 88, India:134; China 93, Greece: 109, Hungary:66, Indonesia:135, Italy:82, Malaysia:25, Philippines:126, Poland 75, Russia:96, Saudi Arabia:38, Turkey:91, UAE:77
Military Expenditure (% of GDP)3.4Malaysia:1.9, China:2.0, France:2.5, India:2.9, Russian Federation:3.7, USA:4.1
Fixed Line and Mobile Phone Subscribers
(per 1,000 people)
62.6Bangladesh:37, India:84.5, South Asia:76.4, China:499.4, Turkey:750.5, Malaysia:765.6, UAE:1,127.5
Internet Users
(per 1,000 people)
13.2Bangladesh:2.2, India:32.4, South Asia:26.1, China:72.5, Turkey:142.5, UAE:320.6, Malaysia:396.8
High Technology Exports
(% of Manufactured Exports)
1.3Bangladesh:0 - 0.1, India:4.9, Indonesia:16.1, South Korea:32.8, Thailand:33.3, Malaysia:55.4; Philippines:63.8
Foreign Direct Investment, Net Inflows$1.1 billionBangladesh:$449.0 million, India:$5.3 billion
Long-term Debt$32.6 billion Bangladesh:$19.2 billion, India:$115.2 billion
Total Debt Service (% of exports and income)25.2 Bangladesh:8.6, India:14.5 (these are year 2000 figures)
Development Assistance and Official Aid$1.4 billion Bangladesh:1.4 billion, India:691.2 million
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