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Extremism and Terrorism - An Alternative View

Thanks to Albert Einstein we know for a fact that truth is a relative phenomenon rather than an absolute reality. Everything in the universe can be viewed from infinite perspectives. Diversity of views is cherished in the modern world, whereas similar concepts had had negative connotations in the past.

The world media however tends to completely disregard the above fact while dealing with issues concerning Islam and the Muslim World, speaking with one voice and with authority. Amazingly, it brands the 1-billion Muslims of the world, pertaining to all continents and races as one entity, seemingly enjoying absolute "standard" or typical set of characteristics - negative and "uncivilized".

This section is a reminder that there exists an alternative view. A view that exposes the underlying motives of the dogmatic perspective propagated around the world.

An Arab perspective on the western "idea" of terrorism

Read the outcry of a Syrian, Arab poet, Nizar Qabbani, representing the oppressed, the raped, and the wretched. A painful, yet forceful expression of revolt and absolute rejection of the "label", terrorist, which is used today the world over as an instrument to further subjugate, oppress and contain any residual opposition of the New Order - from East to West.

Ron Paul questions the sanity of American adventurism in Afghanistan and Pakistan [video]

While the stage of War on Terror shifts from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Congressman Ron Paul bashes the US foreign policy and its underlying assumptions. His views on the happenings in Pakistan and the American intervention seem diametrically different from the position taken by the US Government and the mainstream media worldwide.

He goes on to condemn the violation of Pakistan's sovereignty by the US forces and their bombing and killing of innocent people in Pakistan. Watch how he deems the American approach as unnecessary, futile and counterproductive, with adverse security, political and economic implications for the American nation.

Mr. Ron Paul is a Republican Congressman who also bid for the 2008 Republican Party presidential nomination.

See Also: Ron Paul on War - the Treasury is bare... the people are broke

State Terrorism - The fuel behind international terror

As Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan burn in the flames of terrorism, Noam Chomsky gives his perspective on the moral aspect of American actions and interventions, equating it to state terrorism. He also reminds us of the historic events that sowed the seeds of extremism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which later enflamed the entire region with dangerous consequences, especially for the Muslim world.

See Also: Noam Chomsky on Terrorism (Video)

Pakistan, ISI and Taliban

The Allied Forces are tightening the rope on Pakistan - just as they did with Saddam Hussain and Iraq. We are now well aware of the "facts" with which they landed in Iraq. Similar "facts" against Pakistan and ISI are now driving policy in Washington. See what Eric Margolis has to say on the role of ISI with respect to Afghanistan and Taliban.

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"A great war leaves the country with three armies - an army of cripples, an army of mourners, and an army of thieves."

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