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Personalities of Pakistan: Making a Difference

Never underestimate the power of a few committed individuals to change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” [Margaret Mead]

Going through morning newspaper is a generally depressing experience for most people in Pakistan. Good news doesn't sell as well as bad news. Thus the paper is mostly about bomb blasts, rape, murder, accidents and political upheavals. And much of the remaining space is occupied by the revelations of the General or full page ads of the government highlighting the ongoing socioeconomic "revolution" in the country. Of course these ads are sponsored with public money.

We as a people are faced with great challenges that require enormous effort, both individual and collective. Maintaining a positive frame of mind is crucial. Negativity discourages social action, positivity on the other hand can charge it up.

Thus hearing good news and learning about successful people and endeavours is an energizing and inspiring experience that also has the prospects of triggering a chain reaction, “exciting” more people to initiate change.

This section is a compilation of brief profiles of individuals, who have made significant contribution to the society or have strived to initiate positive change. The aim is to recognize their contribution and to appreciate that change is possible. We only need to tune our minds and transform into active players from mere spectators.

Ansar Burney Hakim Muhammad Said Habib Jalib

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