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Hostile Takeover of Pakistan and Third World Nations

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pakistan is being systematically raped and plundered for the last decade or so. Though the process had started since inception, there is no parallel to the horrifying developments of the past decade. At present we look like a completely broken down society with no viability and future. Since the September 11 disaster, Pakistan depicts the phenomenon of a hostile takeover. Our institutions, national course, planning, policies, programs, and decisions seem to be completely controlled and governed by powerful external forces that have nothing to do with public interest. They are hovering over our social institutions, political system and natural resources like hyenas and vultures.

Pakistan however is not a lone victim of this mega exploitation. Much of the third world is currently facing a similar challenge. Though exploitation of societies by other nations is an ancient phenomenon, the scope, magnitude and disgust associated with the current wave has no parallel in history. And more recently, a new class of players has emerged in the game of mass human exploitation. This class does not represent powerful nations, but institutions. Some are established by the rich nations of the world, yet others by hungry profiteers. These include both corporations and other so called not-for-profit institutions.

Some of the major players of this global exploitation include:

This section is devoted to discuss and unearth the exploitative systems that are devouring poor societies including Pakistan with shameless lust and greed.

The Corporations

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