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Say No to Monsanto in Pakistan

Monday, April 19, 2010

Have we forgotten that our 150-year colonization and subjugation by the British Empire was in fact initiated and masterminded by a corporation - The East India Company. Do we believe that the East India Company’s takeover of India was a circumstantial and isolated episode which died with the end of the British Raj? If yes, then think again! Instead, the East India model has been adopted and implemented across the third world ever since. Of course, it has been refined and perfected over time and has become much more systematic and institutionalized. And there are numerous East India Companies today, surrounding the globe like a pack of hyenas, impatiently waiting to trap and hunt vulnerable economies and poor societies of the world. One such company is Monsanto. It has already hit India and now means business in Pakistan. This section is devoted to raise awareness about Monsanto’s track record and to caution fellow Pakistanis about things to come if Monsanto’s advance in Pakistan escapes public scrutiny.

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