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What can I do: Preface

Desperate Moments

We all experience highs and lows. Going down feels scary, but we manage to survive. We are not as fragile as it sometimes feels.

Individuals, families, societies, all have their highs and lows. And we survive.

There is too much gloom in Pakistan these days. Things have changed; we have changed. May be, we watch too much television; or newspaper; or Internet. Shouldn't; yes, shouldn't.

It's simple. When someone tells you all the bad things about you; those you want to hear and those you don't; true or not true; nothing good; all bad; just say shut up! Yes, shut up!

Because It's not true. Nothing in this universe is absolutely bad; nothing. Every single object or event has a function; a purpose. Nothing is void of virtue; nothing.

But we are a function of our environment. And the environment is so filled with negative air, that we buy all that crap. We start believing in our uselessness. How can 200 million people be useless? Have no future? Not revivable?

Absurd; simply absurd.

The Moment of Hope

Hope is a powerful tool that ejects people from disasters. And the beauty of hope is that it works best when there is no hope. Hope has no business in a favourable context. It is especially designed for desperation. Could we have a better period to be hopeful? So let's get up and pick up the pieces!

But I Don't Have the Resources


The only vital resources that you need to thrive are: mind, body and soul. The rest is merely an illusion. And if you didn't notice, you have them all.


Life throws enormous opportunities to every soul; opportunities to do good; constructive work. Yet most of us die without ever realizing that.

Doing Something Big

It's a trap; so watch out!

Rain, river, ocean, all are formed by small droplets. It's a lesson that we all tend to forget. It's a series of small, incremental steps that lead our growth; with persistence and perseverance. It's called development. And there are no short cuts in development. You make haste at any stage and your development is flawed.

We can truly transform our world by developing an obsession to do good; regardless of scope; just good; whatever you can. It's a failed scheme to dream of changing the world. It's none of your business!

The world is destined to change anyway. Just do your bit.

You are Not Alone

Don't marginalize your prospects. If you have a larger than life dream, work together. You are not alone. There are millions (well, billions) around.

Don't Let the Fire Die Out

Remember! Don't die without lighting up another candle.

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