Sunday, April 30, 2017
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Yes, you can do anything; more than you can ever dream of. The difference between your current capacity and potential is larger than the ocean. And your life prospects are determined by your potential, not your past achievement. So keep moving.

This section is dedicated to those who want to do something rather than whining about circumstances. To undo the thick clouds of gloom and negativity that currently surround Pakistan. It’s not for the spectators but for the actors who want to actively participate in the change process; irrespective of their current capacity or scope.

Through these pages I will be posting ideas for action; small yet meaningful deeds; to make a difference.

Our prospects as a people are not as grim as are projected. What we need is a bit of realization and will to act. The period of passive spectatorship is over. It’s time to do your bit!

So read on to find out what you can actually do.


I am Nobody - What Can I Do?

I am a Student - What Can I Do?

Work in progress...

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